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(Above and Left)  Two images of Charles Albert Hebden, from the Ripon Line (E25/30). Born in Ripon in 1877, he was the son of Brian Hebden and Mary Ann Moss. His father owned a Varnish Manufacturing company and Charles followed his father in the family business. He died in 1960 at the age of 83. I don't know what became of the Varnish firm - does anybody out there know? (Pictures courtesy of Frank Hebden, Sydney, Australia).

(Above) The impressive memorial to George Hebden (F25/7 bur.1876) and Harriet Hebden (F26/7) (bur. 1890 age 80) Elizabeth Spencer Hebden (96) and Charles Spencer Hebden (64) in St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria Australia. (images courtesy of Laura Blackburn and Dusty Miller)
(Left) A plaque inside Barclays Bank, St Nicholas Street Scarborough, which commemorates the amalgamation of Woodall, Hebden and Company with Barclays in 1896. Woodall and Hebden's Bank financed the building of Scarborough  North Bay pier in 1866 at an initial cost of  12,135. The original location of the "Old Bank" was in Queen Street, and started life as Bell, Woodall and Company.

(Below) A promissory note issued by Woodall Hebden & Co to James Fisher on December 30th 1879. In effect a bank cheque, it bears the signature of Charles W. Woodall, and promises to pay the bearer on demand the sum of 5. The number "205 has been added by hand after "No.77" as has the date. "Payed" has been scribbled across the note after it was cashed.          (Images by courtesy  of David Hebden)