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  This page will be used to keep you updated regarding new items added to the site and planned developments. The most recent items are at the top of the list. The site is constantly being added to, so please keep checking for additional material. Better still, bookmark this page!  


11 September 2015   Sheet 12 Leeds Huddersfield and London  updated, to show  the family of Jeremiah Hebden (G20/12) and Hannah Ripley (G21/12). My thanks to Keith Thompson for his help in updating the family details. Re-indexed and with minor format changes.   UPDATED
28 June 2015   Sheet 8 Appleton Le Street and Scarborough  updated, to show  the family of Margaret Hebden (J34/8) and Guy Kemp (J35/8). My thanks to Christine Walters for permitting the use of her research. Re-indexed and with minor format changes.   UPDATED
25 June 2015   The Hebdens.com website is now hosted by the Guild Of One-Name Studies at http://hebden.one-name.net   LATEST!
5 January 2015   Section added to Odds n Ends about Janet Hebden, one of the "Pioneers"    
29 April 2014   Some minor changes to  Sheet 35 Easingwold. George Hughes Dawson has been added as spouse to Edith Hebdon at D30/35    
26 April 2014   Sheet 17  Methley Castleford and Hunslet  A complete re-work of this sheet with many names added. Check the sheet 17 index if your ancestors lived in any of these areas.    
27 March 2014   Sheet 15  Bubwithand Breighton  A complete revision of this sheet with many details added from transcripts of the Bubwith All Saints church registers. Reformatted and minors corrections made. Press "F5" to load the new page in your browser. New index uploaded.


12 March 2014   Sheet 14 Westow Malton and Australia (New South Wales)    Updated, re-indexed and with minor format changes


6 March 2014   Sheet 11 Masham      Reformatted, with minor additions

Sheet 12 Leeds Huddersfield and London    Some formatting changes and minor corrections to numbering and dates in generations J and L

4 March 2014   Sheet 10 Kirk Deighton    This sheet has been reformatted with minor changes.

Sheet 13 Acomb Wheldrake York and Eday   This sheet has been reformatted and entries relating to Enid Noel Hebden (C76/13) and Thomas Sydney Mansell (C77/13) have been corrected.

As Sheet is 22 now incorporated into Sheet 13 the links to Sheet 22 on the Tree Charts page have been disabled






Sheet 1 Medieval De Hebdens  This sheet has been reformatted with minor changes.

Sheet 2: Langstrothdale and Raydale: Reformatted and published with a new Index

Sheet 3: Upper Wharfedale:    Reformatted, new index and minor corrections and additions.

Sheet 4: Conistone Rylstone and Padiham    Minor formatting changes and some minor corrections.

Sheet 5 Grimwith   Major additions to this sheet including a link to Sheet 27 (Brighton and Burnley Hebdens),

Sheet 6 Pateley Bridge   Additions include the Wynne Family in Maryland USA

Sheet 7 Ripon Sawley Winksley Grantley Appletreewick Australia  New Index and reformatting minor changes and additions

Sheet 8 Appleton Le Street and Scaborough   New Index, updated and with minor additions and corrections

Sheet 9 Stokesley Aldfield and York  Significant changes including the descendants of John Hebden 1789  and his wife Mary Tessyman.





26 Feb 2014   Sheet 13: Acomb Wheldrake and Shropshire York London & Eday & the decendants of Sir John Hebdon     This sheet has been revised and re-indexed, with the additions of the family of Albert Morrill Hebden (b.1862 Newport Shropshire) and his wife Jane Sadler (C1/13)   NEW INDEX
24 Feb 2014   Sheet 27:Brighton, Burnley Australia (Victoria and NSW) This sheet now revised to celebrate the demolition of the "Brick Wall" and link this sheet with Sheet 5 Grimwith, Leeds, Dublin and Australia. Severla small edits and formatting changes.   UPDATED
20 Feb 2014   WE'RE BACK!!    
    5 new charts uploaded today! All with indeces. The "Complete Index" is being updated now!

Sheet 47: Descendants of Silvestra Hebdon. The following Somerset families can be traced back to William Glisson, a Bristol Soapmaker and his wife Sylvestra Hebdon: Glisson, Wynn, Martin, Cox, and Burns.

Sheet 48: London Hebdens in Bethnal Green, Hackney, Aldgate, Edmonton and Lambeth, Descendants of William Hebdon b.1758 and Mary Sillitoe b.1758 St Marylebone

Sheet 49:Wakefield and London (Camberwell) Descendants of John Hebden of Snow Hill, Wakefield b.1740 and Joseph Hebden b.1791 and his wife Sarah Wormald.

Sheet 50: Webdens: An unusual variant probably originating from a transcription error, Mainly in Bolton and its surrounding districts and Bury, East Lancashire.

Sheet 51: Beverley (UK) Guelph, Caledon, Greater Toronto, and Ontario. Descendants of George Hebden b.ca.1780 and Mary Young married in 1806 in Beverley Minster, Yorkshire. A large family now resident in Ontario, Canada. There are probably some descendants still in the Beverley and Market Weighton area of the East Riding of Yorkshire.










22 April 2011   Sheet 14: Wistow, Malton and New South Wales  + Index H3 - H8 have been added to this sheet and a new "J" generation. The Index has been updated.   UPDATED
28 November 2010   Sheets 42,43,44,45,and 46 have been added to the site. These 5 sheets vastly expands our coverage of EPTON families in Lincolnshire. Because of the spread of Epton families in Lincolnshire it is worth checking all the sheets for Epton ancestors you may have in the the area.

Sheet 42: Lincolnshire Eptons of Boston Spilsby Swaby and Bratoft Mumby and Skegness  + Index

Sheet 43: Linonshire Epton of Swaby Brothertoft Bilsby Spilsby Huttoft and Boston + Index

Sheet 44: Lincolnshire Eptons of Wainfleet Goole Doncaster and Scunthorpe + Index

Sheet 45: Lincolnshire Eptons of Langton by Wragby + Index

Sheet 46: Lincolnshire Eptons of Stickney + Index

28 November 2010   The existing Sheet 42 Lancashire and Yorkshire Webdens has been withdrawn and will be added to Sheet 28: Newchurch and Rossendale    
8 April 2010   Sheet 35 Easingwold + Index  Some corrections between F33/14 and F36/14. where sheet 35 overlaps with sheet 14.Thanks to Kristina Lawson for letting us know!    
8 April 2010   Sheet 14 Westow Malton and NSW + Index some corrections between F33/14 and F36/14. Thanks to Kristina Lawson for letting us know!    
29 March 2010   Sheet 42 Lancashire & Yorkshire Webdens No Index as yet. An interesting variant of "Hebden" (or possibly not!) This sheet is "a work-in-progress" document. Can anybody out there tell us more about the Webdens?   NEW
13 March 2010   New images added to page 3 of "Picture This" Images by courtesy of David Hebden. The Image of George & Harriet Hebden's grave courtesy of Laura Blackburn & Dusty Miller. Please note you may have to refresh your browser cache (F5 key or "Reload page") to see the new images.    
13 March 2010   Sheet 21 Elland Bingley and Keighley + Index. A major revision and update to most parts of this sheet. Please note you may have to refresh your browser cache (F5 key or "Reload page") to see the new version of the Chart.   Updated
6 March 2010   Sheet 27 Brighton Burnley and Australia (Victoria & NSW). Update to the Australia section of the chart   Updated
17 February 2010   Sheet 5 Grimwith Leeds Dublin and Australia + Index. A major update to this sheet incorporating the Geoghegan family in Dublin and NSW Australia   Updated
11 February 2010   Sheet 13 Acomb Wheldrake & Shropshire, York London & Eday + Index  minor updates at B5 - B7/13 and formatting changes   Updated
9 February 2010   Sheet 32 Pickering Whitby Ontario and Australia NSW + Index. Update to family of George Hebden and Ann Leng (F12/32 and F13/32)   Updated
7 February 2010   Sheet 2 Langstrothdale & Raydale and index. Minor update to family of Christiana Hebden and Henry Wills (C53-56/2)    
11 December 2009   This is a significant upgrade to The Hebden Timeline over two hundred additions  to the previous version, The pdf file has also been modified to make loading slightly faster.   Updated
1 December 2009   The Forum and Guestbook facilities have been temporarily disabled because of spamming. They will reinstated as soon as possible. Please contact us on the email address shown on the home page    
3 October 2009   Sheet 35 Easingwold + Index This sheet has been updated to include the family of Thorp Hebdon b.1903 Lanchester. Thanks to Anne Thomas for help in researching this sheet.   Updated
19 September 2009   Sheet 41 Dorset, E. Devon, London S. Wales and Kent Ebdons + Index. Traces Ebdon Families in Thornecombe, Axminster, Beominster, Honiton, London, Edmonton, S. Wales, Bedwellty, and Malling Kent. Thanks to Kath Willis for help in researching this sheet   New
14 September 2009   Sheet 7 Ripon Sawley Appletreewick and Australia: additional date information E5/7, E16 - E20/7, F6 - F16/7, G1 -G8/7, H15 - H16/7. Thanks to Roberta Snape for help in updating this sheet   Updated
11 September 2009   Picture of St Wilfrid's Church Burnsall has been added to "Graves Memorials and Churches" page, courtesy of Roberta Snape.   New
31 August 2009   Picture of the memorial to John Hebden  1779-1852 (H12/19) added to "Graves Memorials and Churches" page.   New
24 August 2009   Two pictures of Charles Albert Hebden (1877) have been added to "Picture This 3"   New
    Sheet 4 Conistone, Rylstone, Bolton, Blackburn & Padiham Hebdens + Index. A significant update to this sheet to include the family of Margaret Hebdin and James Bolton (C22/4 and 23/4). Thanks to Roberta Snape for her help in updating this sheet.   Updated
24 July 2009   We are testing video on the site. The test is now completed.    
18 July 2009   The "Complete Index" on the Tree Charts page is being updated. This is a fairly complex job and the Index might not be available until late October (2009!)    
17 July 2009   An additional page has been added to "Picture This!"    
17 July 2009   Sheet 40 USA Hibdon family + Index. U.S. Hibdons descended from Seth Hibdon born Virginia 1750. This tree is split into 6 sections, each one is a page within Sheet 40 numbered 40a, 40b, 40c 40d, 40e, 40f. The tree is compiled from research by Pat Calton and other contributors, as well as other internet sources. It is recommended that to find names on the chart, use the Sheet 40 Iindex on the Tree Charts page to find the name and reference number, then open the actual chart at Page 1 and enter the reference number into the FIND box at the top of the Viewer window and click "find next in current pdf". The name will be highlighted on the relevant chart. Use the Magnifier tools to enlarge the relevant section of the chart.    
13 July 2009   Additional notes have been added to the TREE CHARTS page with advice on searching for specific names on tree diagrams using Adobe FIND and the Individual Reference Numbers in the sheet indexes    
19 June 2009   An expanded version of the United States Social Security Death Index (US SSDI) has been uploaded to the site. This version now contains over 400 additional entries for Hibdon. You may need to refresh or reload the page in your browser to see the latest version which can be access through the "Data Pages" button.    
14 June 2009   Sheet 39 Norfolk, Bedfordshire and London Ebdens + Index. A brand new sheet complementing and linking with  Sheet 25 King's Lynn, Ipswich, South Africa & India Ebdens  


2 June 2009   Sheet 25 King's Lynn, Ipswich, South Africa & India Ebdens + Index. Minor updates in various parts of the sheet. Please note that sheet 39 has not yet been published, but a provisional edition will be uploaded in the next few days    
9 May 2009   Sheet 35 Easingwold + Index updated from C32/35 to C41/35, the family of James Hebdon and Ann Turpin    
27 April 2009   Sheet 32 Pickering Whitby Ontario and Australia NSW + Index. The sheet has been updated to include descendants of Helen Hog(g)arth Hebden (D64/32) in NSW, and other small changes    
30 March 2009   Sheet 16 East Riding & Nafferton + Index. Additions between D71/16  and D76/16, (The family of Tom Hebden and Kate Heron)    
12 March 2009   Sheet 18 Wakefield + Index. A new generation has been added to this sheet from Z1 to Z5 period around 1764 to 1804    
8 March 2009   New Zealand BMD data has been added to the site covering the period 1848 to 1959 for marriages and 1848 to 1909 for births and deaths. There 124 names, but no entries relating to Hebdin, Hepden or Hepton.     
6 March 2009   An updated version of the Hebden Timeline is now available on the site (ver1.1) All changes since the last update are printed in red.  The next update will be in August/September 2009    
5 March 2009   Another update for Sheet 13 Acomb, Wheldrake, Shropshire, York, London, Eday (Orkney) & the Descendants of Sir John Hebdon. + Index   Updated
5 March 2009   8 new pictures added to the "Graves, Memorials and Churches" page   New
21 February 2009   New today is a listing of Individuals where the name "Hebden" or one of its variants forms part of the forename, rather than the surname (for example: Epton Wright BONTOFT ). 968 names are listed as Surname then Forename. The period covered is September 1837 to December quarter 1915. The listing is presented as two separate documents containing the same information; one sorted by Year and Month/Quarter, the other sorted alphabetically by surname, both documents are A4 and 16 pages long. Click on the link to whichever version is more useful, or go to the Data Pages   New
13 February 2009   1900 US Census approximately 348 names arranged in family groups, by State. 8 pages in Landscape pdf format. Printable at A4 .   New
10 February 2009   Australia Queensland BMD indexes. Approximately 270 Clan names with registration numbers and a link to the Queensland Archives   New
3 February 2009   Sheet 13 Acomb, Wheldrake, Shropshire, York, London, Eday (Orkney) & the Descendants of Sir John Hebdon. This sheet has been completely updated and now incorporates former Sheets 13, 22 and 23. It also has a new Index.   Updated
3 February 2009   Sheet 23 Descendants of Sir John Hebdon, will remain on the system but without personal ID references (see above)   Amended
3 February 2009   The old Sheet 22 York London & Eday and the index has been withdrawn (see top) The data is now incorporated in the updated Sheet 13   Withdrawn: see updated sheet13
26 January 2009   Sheet 5 Grimwith and Index.Minor amendments between E9/5 and E10/5   Updated
23 January 2009   Hebden Hebdon BMD 1837-2005. A new version of this file has been added to the site. As well as standard BMD data, It also contains details of spouses, mothers of children, and cross references between the BMD data and our tree charts (some references have yet to be added). 299 landscape A4 pages! Other Clan BMDs will be upgraded in the coming months.   Upgraded
13 January 2009 British Columbia Canada Clan Burials, Names  & Locations but no dates New
13 January 2009 Ontario Canada Clan Burials, Names, Locations, no dates New
13 January 2009 Archives of Canada, Miscellaneous Records, Immigration, Divorce, Land Grants, Land petitions New
31 December 2008 Hebden Clan soldiers of the American Civil War 1861 -1865 18 names of Clan members serving with either side in the Civil War. New
24 December 2008 Sheet 4 Conistone, Rylstone Bolton & Padiham + Index. A major revision to this sheet to include Bolton, Padiham and some Blackburn Hebdens Updated
11 December 2008 Sheet 29 Bolton Liverpool & Keighley + Index updated Z1/29 to C23/29 Updated
4 December 2008 Sheet 9 Stokesley Aldfield York + Index.  small update Z3/9 to B6/9 Updated
3 December 2008 1841 Census Entries for Hebden and Variants approx 350 individuals and households extracted alphabetically by surname  
2 December 2008 Sheet 8 Appleton-le-Street and Scarborough + Index small update & some corrections D25/8 - D35/8 and some minor formatting changes Updated
2 December 2008 The Guest Book is now back online  
8 November 2008 Data Page upgraded and site made compatible with Google "Chrome" Web browser  
7 November 2008 Additions to "Picture This!" page New
4 November 2008 Name Index: Probate and Admin Records 1858 to 1962. A complete alphabetical index to all 1,085 Clan names in the Probate Listing. Check this before searching the actual records, it's quicker! (my wife says, "aren't all indexes alphabetical?") New
4 November 2008 Probate and Admin records 1858 to 1962. A vastly expanded version of the current probate record listing which now contains 1,085 names Updated
22 October 2008 Sheet 16 East Riding Nafferton NZ, Canada & USA + Index some additions Updated
15 October 2008 Sheet 24 Burwash Sussex Hepdens & Index. Major additions and revision. Updated
15 October 2008 A Map of the USA showing the States, Names and their abbreviations has been added to the data pages. I never can remember the abbreviations! New
13 October 2008 U.S. Social Security Death Index. 387 Hebden Clan names extracted from the SSDI. Data is sorted by Surname, State and D.O.B. 12 pages, Landscape New
30th Sept 2008 The "Site Map" has been updated to reflect recent changes to the site and can now be accessed by a hyperlink on the top right corner  of the Home Page. Updated
30th Sept 2008 A button has been added to the Navigation panel (left) for "Picture This!" - an album page of Hebden Clan pictures, places and things connected with the Clan. Items will be added to this page "as and when" and contributions are welcomed. Please make sure that you have permission of the subject or owner of the item or image! New Button
26th Sept 2008 Several page changes have been made to the site. The content of the "Emmigration" page has been moved into the "History 1837-1913" section, where it more properly belongs, and the page removed. "Heraldry" has been moved from  "History, 900 to 1500 (page 2)" to a new page "Heraldry". The navigation button for "Emmigration" has been removed, the order of the buttons has been changed slightly and a new "Heraldry" button added. Several other changes are planned over the next few weeks. Data and charts sections will not be affected. Changed
18th Sept 2008 Vastly expanded "LINKS" section on Data Pages Updated
9th Sept 2008 Sheet 22 York, London and Eday and index. (small update)

A book, "Eday - Orkney's Best Kept Secret" written by Rosemary Hebden is due to be published on the 20th September 2008. The book is hardback and published by "The Orcadian"  ISBN 9780956026002 Approx 250 pages, illustrated throughout.  Click anywhere on the image below to link to their bookshop. Books can be purchased securely online

6th Sept 2008 The "Complete Name Index" has been completely revised and is now back again as a 126-page pdf document. The complete index to all names in Tree Charts 1 to 38 Updated
6th Sept 2008 Sheet 36 Wintringham is now available + Index New
3rd Sept 2008 Sheet 38 West Country (Devon) Ebdons + Index New
4th August 2008 Sheet 37 York (UK) Canada (BC) & USA (CA) + Index New
  If you think we haven't added anything in the last couple of weeks it's because In preparation
  we are extracting all Hebden Clan entries from the IGI - COMING SOON!!  
12th July 2008 Sheet 6 Pateley Bridge + Index (minor formatting changes and B11/6 updated) Updated
12th July 2008 Sheet 30 Leeds London & Michigan + Index (updated ID's G31-38, G27) Updated
11th July 2008 Sheet 21 Elland, Bingley & Keighley + Index (updated ID's F57-66, G23) Updated
10th July 2008 Amendments to "Home Page" text  
29th June 2008 Hebden Timeline update: latest changes are now shown in red for the following years: 1800, 1805, 1814, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1848, 1849, 1856, 1860, 1863, 1891, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1901, 1914, 1919, 1921,1922, 1924, 1925, 1931, 1934, 1935, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1955, 1961, 1966, 1985 Updated
23rd June 2008 Sheet 33 Naburn Topcliffe Cawood & Rawcliffe + Index (updated ID's A1 -A12, B2-B23 Updated
20th June 2008 Sheet 14 Westow Malton & NSW + Index (updated ID's C69 - C73/14)  
17th June 2008 Timeline update: 1635; 1638; 1640; 1649; 1785; 1790; 1831.1114; 1824.0615; 1839.0512; 1840.0530; 1841.0716; 1898.0515; 1919.1009; 1994.0124 Updated
17th June 2008 Sheet 30 London Leeds Michigan + Index (updated ID's E41/30 to E48/30) Updated
13th June 2008 Sheet 5 Grimwith + Index Updated
8th June 2008 Sheet 35 Easingwold (Hebdons) + Index New
8th June 2008 Sheet 14 Westow, Malton & NSW + Index Updated
8th June 2008 Corrupted Canada 1911 Census file repaired  
22nd May 2008 Corrupted "Hebden Clan Burials" file repaired  
9th May 2008 Forum facility added to the site - go to homepage New
6th May 2008 Sheet 21 Elland Bingley & Keighley + Index updated
4th May 2008 Hebden & Hebdon Births Marriages & Deaths Index 1837-2005 in Data Pages


4th May 2008 Hepden & Hepton Births Marriages & Deaths Index 1837-2005 in Data pages New
4th May 2008 Ebden Ebdon & Epton Births Marriages & Deaths Index 1837-2005 Data Pages New
4th May 2008 Tyne Cot Cemetery Ypres, WW1 casualties added to Graves & Memorials New
26th April 2008 Sheet 22 York, London and Eday (Orkney) + Index updated

18th April 2008

Sheet 16 East Riding, Nafferton, NZ, Canada USA + Index updated
13th April 2008 Search facility added to homepage New
7th April 2008   Sheet 21 Elland Bingley & Keighley + Index


6th April 2008     Sheet 25 King's Lynn, Ipswich, South Africa & India Ebdens updated
3rd April 2008    New Chart! Sheet 33 Naburn Topcliffe Cawood & Rawclliffe + Index


3rd April 2008 Guestbook included with access buttons on  main interactive pages New feature
2nd April 2008    New Chart! Sheet 34 Brandsby-Cum-Stearsby + Index New
30th March 2008    Tree Chart 25 Ebdens of King's Lynn, Ipswich, S. Africa and India updated with new Index. on Tree Charts page (The title of this sheet was previously "Ebdens of Baldslow Place") Updated
  28th March 2008    Image of John R. Hebden added to odds n' ends page  
  26th March 2008    Hebden Timeline added to Data Pages  
  Stuart Hebden's website has now moved to www. hebdenfamily.co.uk  
  17th March: Images added to pioneers on Odd's n Ends page  
  5th March: Site map page revised  
  3rd March: 1858-1900 probate index added to data pages  
  1st March: revised content on Odds n' Ends page  
  20th February: 1901 Canadian Census added to data pages  
  18th February: Emigration page updated with images  
  16th February: Canadian war casualties added to Data Pages  
  8th February: 1911 Canadian census added to Data  Pages  
  1/2/2008    Portsmouth Naval Memorial images added to Graves & Memorials page  
  1/2/ 2008   Probate data is now being loaded from archive documents. Estimated completion; 25th March 2008  
  28/1/2008    Initial Site construction complete:  
27/1/2008  Burwash images added to Graves and Memorials page