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1501 To 1700 (continued)

One of the most successful family members of this period was Sir John Hebdon (1612-1670). Who was probably descended from the Burwash (Sussex) family.

JOHN Hebdon was born about 1612 in London. After 20 years serving British interests in Russia, he became Envoy to the Russian court of Czar Alexis and was knighted by Charles II in 1663. As well as his diplomatic duties, part of Sir John's remit was the procurement and shipment of arms for Alexis, including  cannons, gunpowder and other weapons. The links with Merchant Taylors and the arms trade suggests a connection with the Burwash Hebdons who had a well established business as arms manufacturers to the Crown.

SIR John and his wife Lady Phillipa had six children,  JOHN HEBDON b.1635, RICHARD b.1639; (died 1668), THOMAS, ROBERT, MARY and ELIZABETH.

Sir John lived in Tooting, on or near the site of the present Springfield Hospital. Today, HEBDON ROAD exists just south the hospital.  He died in June 1670 and his memorial is in Tooting Church. To see Sir John's Family Tree Chart, click here.  John R. Hebden has written a book about the life of Sir John Hebdon. and for publication details see below.



A portrait of Sir John Hebdon by the Dutch artist Ferdinand Bols painted about 1653. (Reproduced courtesy of Helen Campbell Foundation, Houston Texas)


Sir John Hebdon Kt  1612-1670 His History and family

by John Reid Hebden

John Reid Hebden, has written a book about the colourful life of Sir John Hebdon, from his modest beginnings and his rise to power, wealth and influence. A tree chart of Sir John's family is included. Paperback cover, Illustrated.
  • Publisher: J. R. Hebden (Jan 2003)                      Price:  2.00

  • ISBN-13: 978-0954450205                ISBN-10: 0954450205

  • Language English     Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 14 x 0.4 cm

Early Settlers in the New World

Hebdens were early settlers in the New World. Some of the first settlers of this name or its variants were: John Ebden who settled in Barbados in 1670. In 1663, he is recorded as being a servant, and crossed the Atlantic in the tobacco ship "Reformation". Barbados still has a thoroughfare called Ebden Street.

Thomas Ebdon settled in Boston Massachussetts, arriving from Newfoundland on September 20th 1716 aboard the sloop "Elizabeth" captained by Samuel Roberts. On the ship's manifest he is shown as "Mariner", though whether he was a member of the crew, or a passenger is not entirely certain.

Thomas Hebden settled in Virginia in 1634; John Hebden settled in Virginia in 1651. They were followed by many others. In the last 150 years, members of the Hebden Clan have looked for a new life and new opportunities in other parts of the world. Popular destinations were America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. It is probably no coincidence that with the exception of the USA, these countries were former colonies or dominions of the British Empire.

Be Thankfull....in Burwash

In 1575 Goddard Hepden of the Burwash (Sussex) family, married Ann Frye. In 1581, after nearly six years, their first child was born, a daughter - Elizabeth. The couple produced a son two years later who they christened John. Ann and Goddard then began to build their family. Their next child, a son born in 1585 was called Retourne. In French, this means "I have returned" and maybe there was a heartfelt expression in the name. From here on, their children were christened with a succession of inspirational names: Goodgift, a girl in 1586, Hopestill, another daughter in 1589; Fearnot, their fourth daughter in 1591, and Thankfull - a boy, in 1594. At this stage inspiration failed (or was maybe fulfilled!) and their remaining children were called Constance, Goddard and Herbert. The family are buried in the churchyard of St. Bartholomew, Burwash (right) The family tree can be seen here


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